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Become more of a man

Let me tell you something: Women don't want only men they want real men in their lifes. So I will try to give you some good advise here how you can impress your lady or if you are single at the moment how you can quickly change that. Please let me know how you are getting on with putting everything into action here.

Become more man... and keep your girlfriend?

Recently I got an email from one of my valued readers who was asked by his girlfriend to become more 'man'... He doesn't want to lose his girlfriend and asked for my advise. So here we go - five tips to become more man:-

If you really love your girlfriend and she asks you to man up I’d do one or all of the following:

  1. Eat really really hot jalapenos and don’t start crying.
  2. Start laughing out loud when you watch a really sad scene in a romantic movie with her.
  3. Stop shaving and grow a massive beard.
  4. Go out in shorts, flip flops and a t-shirt when it’s -3 degrees Celsius outside and ask for the shortest way to the beach.
  5. Participate in the Tough Guy Competition (http://www.toughguy.co.uk/)

She’ll probably tell you that you’re an idiot and insensitive but at least you’re now manly and that’s what she wanted in the first place, right?

But I also forwarded the email to my wife and she replied as follows (with the advise I should carefully read it as well... I wonder what she tried to tell me?!):-

Right now let's have a look from a female perspective...

Am I correct in thinking that you love spending time with your girlfriend and watch movies with her? Or actually you prefer being at home and just have her around and not do anything at all because you are just happy the way you are? You don't need to go out a lot and if she asks you to do something you'll happily do it for her?

You probably think that women want man that do everything for them all the time? Wrong. Although we might say we want super romantic men that do everything for us all time we do want the assholes and would always go home with the assholes on a night out. But not the plain assholes (although sometimes fine on a one-nighter-never-want-to-see-you-again-anyway) - we want assholes with manners - and strong ones at that. And we don't want to ask you to do things - we want you to see things that need doing. We want you to see that the washing machine has finished and you just put the clothes up - just like that. Now you think that's not very manly and not asshole at all but I said before - we want assholes with manners. Assholes that open the door for you but then let you wait for days after the second date before they call. We want to be able to complain to our girlfriends how long you have waited for a phone call only to be surprised with a really nice bunch of flowers and a take away from your favourite Chinese just as you were about to start cooking your low carb dinner. Now if you are in a long term relationship the non-calling is totally out if you go away on a business meeting because we'd just be worried but if you don't call when you are late from a business meeting we might be raging that you haven't called but if you bring that Chinese dinner mentioned earlier all will be forgotten.

Also another tip - take up a sport! Football or better even handball! We want strong men and although we will be complaining that you have to go to yet another training session and another league game on a Saturday morning in secret we are really really proud if our man is running across the pitch like mad and doesn't care if he breaks his nose in a tackle... or well maybe not break it but we are extremely proud when we see our man running for their lives to get this goal. Plus we can then take care of you afterwards and show you off to our girlfriends just like - Look have you seen that goal? That was MY boyfriend.

So to man up doesn't really mean to grow a beard (although I personally find that extremely sexy) and return to the stone ages lookwise but make your girlfriend feel that she can be proud of you. All she wants is to be proud to be YOUR girlfriend, show you off to her girlfriends and beam at you as soon as she sees you not believing that you want to be with her. Now go and get that sparkle back into your girlfriend's eyes when she sees you!

Want to know how my smartphone got me out of a couple of jams after having it for only nine days? So glad I have it!

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