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What gets me going

Do you know this feeling when you get really annoyed and you just want to scream? There sometimes situations where I just want to scream (obviously I don't as it would upset the kids) and it normally even puts me off the lasagne my wife makes so well and this really, really means something. Anyway - if you have a situation you want to share let me know!

Manflu? Do me a favour! (No seriously do me a favour).

This week I look into one of the most feared terms for roughly half of the world’s population and how the other half can help make this time easier.

You wake up and your throat feels like you swallowed something un-godly. Your head aches, your temperature is up and down, up and down. Your nose runs like a tap and all the missus can say is “Get on with it you big baby”. After those warm words of no comfort we try to soldier on through the day like hero’s but ladies let me tell you, it is difficult. Or as they say in France; son difficile (Simply Male Solutions Sam is a cultured man). (And a poet, though I didn’t know it).

Now when we men enter that time whereby man flu is upon us we want sympathy. That means don’t ask us to wash up, tidy up, mow the lawn and worst of all go shopping for the afternoon. Just leave us alone, to wallow in our manly illness, alone. They key phrase being alone. Comprende? (Told you I was cultured). Alone! However, not so alone that you cannot fetch some hot soup and a sandwich, and the obligatory pain killers and anything else we men might want in our time of need. [Ladies, I might be selling myself out here but why not ask him to pay for that dress you have had your eye on? If it was me, in my time of need I will gladly pay for your new dress if you bribe me with soup, pain killers and some chocolate biscuits afterwards.]

So what else can you do? Nothing, it is something we must suffer (semi) alone. We just want sympathy. And biscuits. Must not forget the biscuits.

You thought this was going to be a huge moan and complaint about how tough man flu is and you were also expecting lots of tips for how to help a brother when he is struck down. Well you are not going to get any as my head hurts, my temperature is starting to go up and my throat is sore. I am going to lie on the sofa with a blanket and wait for my biscuits.


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