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What gets me going

This is on here a little longer but still it is not less valid. If you want to see the latest addition to this section click here.

The underclass ruin the nice weekend weather

Recently I just overheard the following comments of one of my neighbours two houses down the road. He was so annoyed.

"The summer has just gone but we still have some nice sunshine even in October and with it comes the underclass mating season in all its glory: shirts off, car windows down, obnoxious music blaring across peaceful gardens, cheap alcohol and no regard for anyone other than themselves.  The underclass brats will be up until midnight causing havoc in the street, while whichever 'uncle' is impregnating their mother gives them their first taste of strong lager at 5 years old.

On Monday, back at school the kids will be tired and listless, while acres of disgusting pink flesh gets put on display like some tribal ritual.  It must be time to subject the underclass to some kind of curfew so that decent, working people can enjoy the nice weather without the grunting and shouting that passes for communication amongst this sub-species.

They aren't human in the real sense of the word, and until someone finds a use for them (drug testing? cancer research? a sterilisation programme?) then they should be kept locked up out of the way during those hours where working people need rest and relaxation.  They can come out during week days, and spend my tax money in their pubs if they must, but I don't want to see or hear from them in the evenings or at weekends."

Have you ever wondered why rival bus companies don't work together? It just got me going recently again!

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