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My name is Sam Pearson. I'm 39 years old, weigh 15 stones 5lb and I'm 6 foot 1 inch tall (yes, I am currently trying to lose weight but it's not that easy, you know).

My mission is to help my readers but also to make them laugh by sharing my and my readers' ideas about life, giving hopefully helpful advice about anything you can imagine and some other interesting stuff that might come up.

What else could you be intersted in? I've got a lovely (at least at most times) wife and three kids - one girl and two boys. Man, I can tell you they are exhausting at times but generally I would say I couldn't be without them. I work in an IT department somewhere in the North West of England (won't tell you which one to avoid that you want to visit me) for normally 40 hours per week - that usually comes to more because the boss decided we need to do some weird team building exercises. Never really understood the reason behind them but who cares if you get a free dinner at the end of it.

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Manflu? Do me a favour! (No seriously do me a favour).

We help a reader to solve his problem how to approach the delicate issue of his wife's backside.

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