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My Top 10 Lists

This is on here a little longer but still it is not less valid. If you want to see the latest addition to this section click here.

What to buy my girlfriend for Christmas?

(Not my girlfriend, I am thinking what you are thinking. Hang on, why are you trying to buy something for my girlfriend? Is there something I should know here? Hahaha had you going there).

Being the helpful guy I am (and feeling better after my man-flu. Thank you to those that wrote in asking how I am, the mailman said he had to do an extra shift to bring over the cards and well wishes from my fans) I thought I would give something back, something of great use and value. Now dudes listen up (or rather, read closely); what does a woman REALLY want for Christmas? Get it right and the festive period is a charming dream like time whereby she floats around looking after your every need for being so thoughtful with her gift. Get it wrong, and you might as well go back to work early. At least no one gives you the previously mentioned ‘death stare’ and you know that the soup you prepared for yourself is safe. In a twist on the top ten I am not going to attribute any numbers, instead just select the most appropriate gift for the lady in your life and you can thank me later.

A dog. Some ladies are animal lovers. Why not show your caring side by getting a puppy or if she gives you grief about having to look after you - go for the older already trained dog. Remember, as they say it’s for life, not just for Christmas.
+ Benefit for you; whilst she is being soppy over the pooch you get to head to the pub or play some football or whatever, basically you get to enjoy Christmas. WIN/WIN.

Shopping spree. Buy her some vouchers for her favourite shops and let her loose knowing she has a clear limit.
Additional bonus idea; co-ordinate with your buddies that they all do this for their lady friends.
+ Benefit for you; hey presto you don’t have to take her and you get to hang with the guys. WIN/WIN/WIN.

Cook her dinner (dinner voucher). Let her know you care by getting some sumptuous food, good wine and some cake. Ask her to give you some warning for when she wants it so that you can get the ingredients. Go all out, book a day off (when she is in work) and get those pans ready to rumble. (You actually think I am going to make you cook? Think again, we all know that you can’t cook properly and why would you want to. Now the clever part, internet search local restaurants. Get them to make the food and send it over to your place. Transfer the food into the pans and keep it warm. Serve when she gets home.
+ Benefit for you; get them to drop off a Pizza at the same time. Brilliant day off work and she loves you for it. WIN/WIN

Romantic weekend. Now this has the potential to be a bad choice. However, for some of the ladies out there this is the way to go. Paris is usually the destination of choice. She will fall in love with the idea. Here is where your acting classes come in, you have to make sure it lives up to her fantasy. Holding hands, afternoon tea in front of the Eiffel tower etc. Put the graft in and the reward will be huge.
SAMS WARNING; this is NOT for the faint hearted. It is a high risk manoeuvre. If it goes wrong it is going wrong big time.
+Benefit for you, you will always have Paris. Whether that is a great story for the lads or a great story when you are trying to find a new lady to ‘love you for you’ this will be memorable. WIN/WIN.

Jewellery. Seen by the less adventurous men as the easy option.  This fail safe is near idiot proof. Note: nearly. If it is not tasteful/or expensive/or stunning your looking at the wrong piece. Avoid rings otherwise she might get the wrong idea.
+ Benefit for you; whilst she is mesmerized by the shiny thing on her wrist you are free do what you want for the day. WIN/WIN.

Book. Not just any book though. This one requires a little bit of thought. If you see she has been reading a lot of book by ‘author xyz’ then easy as pie get online and pick some books out written by that author. Just because she has been reading a lot of books lately doesn’t mean she wants to read any old rubbish though so be careful before you pick up something from the bargain bin in a cheapy shop. 
Additional bonus idea; write an email to the author and ask for a signed copy.
+ Benefit for you; your fair lady is curled up with a book for a whole day leaving you alone to do whatever you want? Merry Christmas my friend, merry Christmas. WIN/WIN.

Photo album. Documenting your ‘good times’ together will give her something to hold onto and weep over whilst you are elsewhere, alone, doing what you want. (Note, if you don’t have many pictures of you both in a fairly handy location, this option isn’t for you.)
+Benefit for you; This is the gift that keeps on giving. Every time her friends come around she will get this out and become the mushy person she was when you first gave it to her. What’s that? It’s the middle of summer and you are still reaping the rewards from an excellent christmas gift? You are welcome good sir, you are welcome. WIN/WIN/CONTINUOS WIN.

Lego. What I hear you cry in a derisory voice. Think about it. For the young at heart ladies Lego can be superb. Take some care to get one themed on something she his interesting and your onto a winner.
+Benefit for you; dude you get to play with Lego and she wont be annoyed with you. WIN/WIN.

A smart phone. Assuming she knows her way around the tv remote and she has some interest in owning one (my lady has previously and rather irritatingly taken a shine to adding bad music to mine) this could be a great option. Again this is for a specific kind of lady so tread carefully.
+Benefit for you; she won’t want to be playing with yours.
- WARNING – If she has her own smartphone, one day she will know how to work yours. I will leave it to your imagination to ponder what you have on there that she shouldn’t see. WIN/WIN – POSSIBLE NOT WIN.

Baking items. What on earth I hear you exclaim as your eyes bulge. Look around, they are all at it. So why not encourage your lady to do this. She gets to spend time leisurely baking, getting better and better at baking and cooking in general. She might even be able to earn some extra pennies from this meaning more money for you to spend on that Lego collection.
+Benefit for you; unlimited supply of cake and biscuits. WIN/WIN.

So there you have it. Ten options, all for different kinds of women, all if given a lit bit of personalisation will ensure a very nice, relaxing Christmas. Feel free to thank me any time.

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