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This is the place where you can get in contact with me. Is there anything I can help you with? Do you have something that really annoys you and you need someone to sympathise with you? Or do you just want to let me know what you think about me and my site? Then get going and start filling out the form below! It's easy and I will reply as soon as I can and every month we will publish the best letters for everyone one to see. Can't wait to hear from you! - Sam

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Handy Hints

Over the last few month I have received some emails from my fans that provided some useful tips to get around the daily life more easily. They are really great and some of them actually saved me some money.

Do bills and other financial woes keep you up at night? Wake your friends up and make them worry about them, too..
Mary C, Brighton

Women don't get me. More than once i've found someone and asked them to act out scenes from The Mighty Ducks movies in the nude. They usually storm out saying that i am the weird one....
P Montin, Edinburgh

Lost? Be a man and don't ask for directions.
AC Baldock, Bournmouth

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